The power of the hand and a train station

The hand. It all started with something as prosaic as the hand—the ability of human beings to create and transform. To think and surprise. A Vida Group is the natural consequence of a reflection that surfaced in 2012 when the company’s founder concluded that his many years of experience in the construction sector should become something different. Something more.

The deep knowledge in creating original and exclusive continuous cementitious coatings was a differential in the market. And that is why he decided to take the step of creating A Vida. He locked himself in the old train station of Lugo, in northern Spain, and plunged into a feverish creative process that would lay the foundations of the business group today.

Finishes, shapes, tones, floors and pavements, lamps, furniture… The visual and conceptual power of A Vida’s products landed sometime later in Madrid and won over architects, designers, interior designers… The germ of an expansion that was beginning to show its head.

But A Vida was to be something more. Craftsmanship evolved and turned into an industry. Basketry, ceramics, textiles… The group’s capacities multiplied exponentially due to this unwavering commitment to the hand for the power of creativity. And the group began to expand. During those years, the founders laid the foundations of a project that has continued growing in the last decade in the heat of solid values: talent, innovation, design and quality.

Mexico, Colombia, China, Marrakech… And, of course, Lugo, the group’s base of operations. A Vida has consolidated a network of factories worldwide to serve its robust portfolio of clients: retail giants, hotels and restaurants, architects of international prestige… Today, it is possible to find projects with the A Vida seal on the five continents. And this has only just begun.

La Nena, Inefable Studio, Do Trece, A Festa, Voa… The group has created a network of subsidiaries to provide a 360º service to its clients and optimize all our teams’ potential and knowledge. The capacity of the hand is more powerful than ever today…

A Vida Group in the world

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