El Cuartel Del Mar, a bastion of design on the beachfront

A Vida Group creates exclusive furniture pieces for El Cuartel Del Mar, an original gastronomic and leisure space located on the coast of Cadiz

Closing your eyes and letting yourself be carried away by the murmur of the waves is an authentic exercise in hypnosis. It is a revitalizing and transforming experience that transports us to a new, genuinely evocative dimension. If this action is carried out, in addition, from a location where the rest of the senses are willing to come into play, the moment becomes unforgettable.

This is the case of El Cuartel Del Mar, a sensational establishment that combines gastronomy, concerts and exhibitions with spectacular views of a privileged natural environment. Located in La Barrosa Beach in Cadiz, this space is built on the pillars of an old Civil Guard barracks, whose original structures and the particular aesthetics of the different facades have been taken advantage of.

The project, one of Azotea Grupo‘s hospitality bets, emits an aura of authenticity, exclusivity and sustainability, values that we at A Vida Group share and that have led to the fruitful collaborations in which our teams of craftsmen have participated.

Our expertise in the hospitality industry has been reflected in the creation of unique pieces of furniture distributed throughout the establishment’s different rooms, creating a continuum of elements that are nothing less than a pure exercise in avant-garde design.

Lámparas orgánicas en uno de los comedores de El Cuartel del Mar

A breath of fresh air

The Atlantic breeze that runs through the terraces and dining rooms of El Cuartel del Mar creates a light, serene and refreshing atmosphere that, together with the sobriety of the finishes of the whole, enhances the particular qualities of each element that populates the place.

Elements that are closely related to the environment in which they are cloistered. The use of natural and sustainable materials becomes an authentic tribute to the colors, textures and shapes that the space itself, governed by the waves and the Cadiz sandy beaches, offers us. In combination with the virtuosity of our craftsmen, the furniture and pieces created for the gastronomic space take on great prominence while maintaining the coherence that makes this place so special.

The sturdy tables and suggestive trays we have created serve as a base to articulate the restaurant rooms, reinforcing through sandy colors and lively textures the sensation of serenity and spaciousness of the space. Combined with some of the great vases that inhabit the striking niches of the premises, a game of colors and geometries highlights the sensational synergies that the set of pieces of A Vida Group can create.

Crowning the views of each room, we can find the hypnotic lamps embody the purest DNA of A Vida Group. Their imperfect organic shapes and sinuous volumes are reminiscent of the pebbles that the tides leave on the shores of El Cuartel del Mar. Providing a sea of low-key light, the luminaires generate a relaxed atmosphere, becoming a witness to what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable evening.

In short, El Cuartel del Mar is a place where every detail counts and every corner has a story to tell.