Aarde, back to the roots

A Vida participates in creating Aarde in Madrid, a spectacular restaurant inspired by the African continent

Keeping the essence, revisiting the origins, and rediscovering the ancestral heritage provided by African traditions are the pillars on which the identity of Aarde, one of the sensational restaurants of Grupo Paraguas, is built.

The restaurant is established as a gastronomic temple that pays homage to the land. To a primordial land. Tribal. That serves as the basis for building an authentic space, a witness of constant evolution that does not hesitate to exalt the most naked purity.

Perched next to the iconic Puerta de Alcalá in the heart of Madrid, Aarde is a testament to the fusion of organic forms and expansive directions. It’s a unique continent, a bewitching and hypnotic dimension that draws from the traditions of an atavistic Africa.

As a place, Aarde is designed by the interior design studio Hurlé & Martín, which has relied on the work of our artisans to build a universe of infinite textures and exclusive finishes. A journey to the past forged in our skill in dealing with hospitality projects. In the expertise of A Vida.

Vista de la espectacular barra del restaurante Aarde

A cosmogony à la carte

Rescuing recipes, flavors and traditional methods is a rabidly enriching memory exercise. This goes hand in hand with the rediscovery of textures, colors, shapes, and volumes that give rise to creating a special place.

Step into Aarde and you’ll be immersed in a world of earthy and natural tones. The warm, torrid hues are balanced by a soft and delicate touch, creating a diaphanous and welcoming space that embraces its public. The walls, adorned with exclusive coatings, dilate the light of the environment, infusing every room with the essence of A Vida.

The meandering organic shapes show the human work behind the whole place. They reveal the artisanal imprint of the whole, focusing on the most suggestive imperfections that reveal the purest authenticity. Reinforcing this concept, the volumes stand voluble and undulating, branching out throughout the space, always seeking to rediscover the roots that give life to Aarde.