Humanoid, sustainability at the forefront

A Vida collaborates to decorate sustainable Humanoid stores in the Dutch town of Arnhem.

Sustainability is not a choice. It is a conviction. It is a necessity. It is a paradigm that changes our present and shapes our future. It is a principle that endures over time and nurtures indispensable values in today’s world. It shapes an identity and makes it authentic.

This is the essence of Humanoid, the Dutch slow fashion brand that has chosen A Vida to decorate its Arnhem store. A connection that satisfies us, mainly because we share values. Circular economy, ecological footprint, recycling and use of local natural raw materials…

In collaboration with the design studio Modernshapes Studio, our expertise in the field of retail has been reflected in the gestation of an organic and natural space, whose shapes and neutral pigments give the fashion pieces the prominence they deserve.

A game of natural cadences

The interior of the Humanoid store breathes harmony, authenticity and respect for the origin of things. It creates an atmosphere rooted in the representation of nature’s perfect imperfection in its voluble volumes and blunt shapes.

It is essential to have time to participate in slow fashion. Our finishes are made of organic and natural materials, whose textures and unbiased colours give the whole place a friendly space that allows you to breathe and stroll.

Finishes dress functional furniture that carries the DNA of A Vida, whose magnetic personality lives in symbiosis with the surrounding ecosystem. Low, half-height displays highlight every detail of the pieces while simultaneously articulating a space of calm and natural compasses.

Similarly, the panels on the walls of the Humanoid store function as canvases on which the colourful accessories can express themselves, giving the whole verticality and rhythm.

A fascinating ecosystem created in line with what Humanoid represents.