Ecoalf Paris, the sustainability store

A Vida Group collaborates in constructing the spectacular Ecoalf store in Paris with an original wall finish made with recycled textile fibers from the fashion company’s surplus

Turning containers into content is a journey as complex as it is exhilarating. Ecoalf has achieved this in an exceptional way at its Paris store. To do so, the fashion company has relied on the value proposition and expertise of A Vida Group.

Our teams have developed an original finish for the 150 square meters of the store that somehow synthesizes everything that Ecoalf stands for: design, innovation, and sustainability. In short, the values that underpin the company’s DNA.

All the walls of the store located on Rue du Temple are covered with a finish created at A Vida with recycled textile fibers from Ecoalf surplus.

A team of A Vida artisans worked on recovering the fibers so that our technical team could transform them into an original and exclusive finish for the textile multinational.

The result is compelling. The container turned into content. But the original wall covering is smooth and clean simultaneously, with suggestive neutrality, allowing the focus to be placed on the brand’s garments.

The project resulted from a collaboration between Ecoalf, A Vida and the construction company Dosp Consulting. Our work in the store has been completed with the precious floor covering and the furniture that can be found throughout the store.

Another way of understanding fashion

The store is pure brand identity: elegance, timelessness… And, of course, sustainability and care for the environment.

Ecoalf collaborated with Matstudio to minimize the use of natural resources and maximize existing ones, an exercise in a circular economy that is pure modernity and avant-garde. Reclaimed wood, iron, energy-saving LED lights… Nothing has been left to chance in a store that connects perfectly with the brand’s hallmarks.

In the store, visitors can find a multidisciplinary room dedicated to the oceans and education where they can follow the work of the Ecoalf Foundation. And where “ACT NOW” events are organized to discover the company’s values.

In short, the sustainability store.