Open. Elegant. Unique. Welcome to Moon House

A Vida Group designs and builds Moon House in Madrid, a spectacular 400 square-meter home that synthesizes all that contemporary architecture and design have to offer

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “If you invest in beauty, it will stay with you all your life.” And in a few constructions, does this quote make as much sense as in a house? That intimate and individual temple in which to find refuge. Some peace.

In A Vida Group, we faithfully believe in this way of creating and building. In the genuine transcendence of the works we execute. Moon House, in Madrid, is one of those examples.

A house of 400 square meters built that is all avant-garde. A 360 project in which our teams took care of every detail. From the design of the project to its execution, furnishings…

The house is an aesthetic exercise. Beauty, yes, but in no way a renunciation of functionality. To its original purpose. On the contrary, the house is fun. Cozy. A small paradise to disconnect and enjoy family and friends.

To live, in short.

From the inside to the outside. Or the other way around

There is nothing in Casa Luna that has been left to chance. Each element, each piece, responds to a higher objective. In this case, one wanted from the first moment to create a total integration between exterior and interior.

The transition from the interior rooms to the garden and pool is surprisingly fluid. The house’s open spaces and imposing galleries energize that journey—that way of conceiving life.

Inside the house, the work of A Vida Group is reflected in every room, corner, and tiny detail. The original cladding created for the house (livable both on the vertical walls and on the floor) or the exclusive custom-made furniture gives shape to a complete program of needs: four bedrooms, an imposing living-dining kitchen…

The choice of warm, earthy tones generates a cozy, lively atmosphere in the house. This is an asset when the open spaces proposed by contemporary architecture often project a certain coldness.

Outside, the beautiful stone enclosure, the swimming pool, and the well-kept garden complete an architectural ensemble that is a synthesis of A Vida Group’s capabilities: Design, creativity, construction…

Welcome to Moon House!