A house with four centuries of history on the canals of Amsterdam

A Vida Group collaborates in the spectacular renovation of Diipa and Oleg Buller-Khosla’s home on the canals of Amsterdam

Rehabilitating a house with five centuries of history is a delicate exercise. It is also a responsibility. And it is so because there are properties that transcend the concept of ownership. The undertaking becomes challenging if the house is near Amsterdam’s canals. A major one, moreover.

That was the journey in which the A Vida Group teams took part when they collaborated to renovate Diipa and Oleg Buller-Khosla’s house. The well-known Indian influencer and the Dutch ex-diplomat relied on the work of Modernshapes Studio, who trusted in our pieces and our expertise to give shape to a unique property. Different. Not only for its location but also for its design.

A house from 1614 that has traveled four centuries in time to recover all its splendor. And the fact is that the building is a magnificent example of what it means to fuse past and present today.

The avant-garde of contemporary construction is connected with elements of traditional architecture, especially the imposing wooden beams that are still preserved in the case.

Taking care of history

The path was sometimes challenging. The building was in an impoverished state of repair, in addition to the urban planning requirements associated with its location on the Amsterdam canals and heritage value.

Be that as it may, the renovation is today an icon of the new architecture of the Dutch capital.

As far as our work is concerned, the stamp of A Vida Group is visible in every corner of the house.

In addition to the beige wall finishes and the striking basement floor, our teams were responsible for shaping the stairs leading to this floor, the spectacular countertop in the main bathroom and the sink cabinet.

The furniture in the house also includes several pieces that are the work of our artisans. Without going any further, the bedside tables and the scuba lamps in the primary bedroom or the unique cylindrical sink with moldings in one of the bathrooms.

In short, it is a fascinating project at the foot of Amsterdam’s canals that looks to the future with a renewed outlook today.