Fizt Club, if Gatsby would raise his head…

A Vida Group leaves its stamp on constructing the spectacular Fitz Club, the Madrid nightclub that pays tribute to the great Scott Fitzgerald

If Scott Fitzgerald and his unforgettable Jay Gatsby raised their heads to enjoy the Fitz Club, they would be smiling from ear to ear. Indeed, the genius who best evoked the Roaring ’20s would be proud of his legacy. Of his influence. Represented today like nowhere else in the world by what is the most spectacular discotheque in Europe.

An imposing club in which A Vida Group has left its seal of quality. Its imprint. The Fitz Club, located near Plaza de España in Madrid, is a spectacular hospitality project designed in collaboration with the interior design studio Dpoch of Barcelona and the Sounds Group. 4 Retail was in charge of the construction.

The discotheque is a fascinating visual exercise. A trip to the happy 20s, with a powerful presence of Art Deco, but updated by the power of technology, which vibrates in every corner of the establishment.

A Vida‘s work is present on the two floors of the nightclub through our coatings and creations. Organic pillars, beams, more than 1,000 square meters of facing on the walls and another 280 meters on the ceilings with a spectacular finish… Doors, benches, boxes, railings…

All these elements bear A Vida Group‘s stamp and help consolidate the powerful aesthetics of a different nightclub. Unique. Shapes, colors… Pure 20s in the XXI century.

Something that can also be seen in the furniture, created with a unique A Vida finish. Pay counters, washbasins, or mirrored wall sconces have been designed and manufactured in Lugo’s factories with our avant-garde coatings.

Exclusive pieces have contributed decisively to making the Fitz Club one of Europe’s most spectacular leisure and enjoyment discos today.

Welcome to the world of Fitz!