La Nena Coffee Dubai, a journey into fantasy

A Vida Group created in Dubai the first store of its La Nena Coffee division, a new way of understanding the concept of having coffee. An aesthetic delight that is simultaneously a coffee shop, studio and commercial space

A new way of understanding the world of coffee. A 360 concept in which to socialize, discover and buy. La Nena Coffee Dubai represents the birth of a new division within A Vida Group. A concept that radically transforms the hospitality industry to create something more. Something better.

Located in Al Quoz, one of the city’s most fashionable areas, characterized by the presence of the best architects, interior designers, and designers, La Nena Coffee Dubai is a café, a studio and a retail space. Three in one.

Let’s take it one at a time.

The coffee shop, the most apparent raison d’être of the premises, is a journey into a fantasy world. An intimate design with organic and somewhat sinuous shapes created in earthy tones and natural textures. Pure personality. Pure avant-garde.

The whole place is articulated from a sequence of small curvilinear rooms that confer intimacy without sacrificing an iota of harmony. The lighting, the shapes, the color palette, the tableware… There is a continuity in the whole that arises from a design as creative as coherent. Everything responds to a purpose. Every detail, every finish. It is the magic of the little things.

This connection is the natural consequence of the expertise and capabilities of A Vida Group, embodied in a project that is destined to be replicated in other cities around the world.

The premises’ finishes were created and manufactured with mineral pigments in A Vida’s plants in Lugo. A journey of thousands of kilometers to create space has caused a sensation in one of the most avant-garde cities in the world.

A different place to rest and breathe while enjoying a good cup of the best coffee. But where you can also enjoy a small gastronomic proposal that completes the experience.

A coffee, a cup, a plate…

But La Nena Coffee Dubai is much more than a coffee shop. It is also a concept store where you can discover the full range of household items created by the artisans of A Vida: tableware, candleholders, decorative pieces…

All handmade, all with their own identity.

The transition from the café to the commercial area takes place inside La Nena Dubai in a natural way. Without rupture. From an architectural conception that relies on the fluidity of shapes and spaces.

The last pillar of La Nena Coffee Dubai is the vision of the whole. The establishment, the café and the commercial area, but also the architecture, interior design and decoration, is also a creative studio to discover all the know-how and the proposal of A Vida Group.

Architects and interior designers from the Middle East have been interested in the creative proposal of A Vida and La Nena over the last few months when they visited the café. Our teams were able to provide them with relevant information about the group’s capabilities, supported and boosted by our strong international presence.

Working surrounded by beauty is another way of working… Don’t you think?