Bar Mono, much more than a bar

A Vida Group collaborates in the creation of Bar Mono, an original gastrobar located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

It’s not made of asphalt. Nor of glass. This jungle is of a different kind. Sophisticated. Unfazed. Raw. That’s why Bar Mono is a fascinating restaurant that invokes our primal instincts through tapas, great plates and a unique space.

Located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, this gastro bar offers an experience of contemporaneity. Bar Mono is an out-of-the-ordinary place. And A Vida Group has been part of it.

Our long history and experience in creating coatings has been vital to giving the establishment the industrial and urban aesthetics that its promoters were looking for.

A design combined with more organic and natural elements, creates a surprising space for the visitor. And all this without giving up the comfort and warmth one expects from a place designed for leisure.

Who are we? Where do we come from?

What we do know is where we can go. Getting lost in the particular jungle of Bar Mono is an absolute pleasure.

To conceive this space, the hospitality A Vida Group team has created the spectacular wall coverings and the floors in different parts of the premises.

The work of our craftsmen is also visible in the tabletops that are displayed throughout the premises. These pieces combine black granite’s mineral opacity with wood’s clarity.

Connecting the height of the room is a staircase with a suggestive wrought iron railing—a very illustrative example of the capabilities of our equipment.

Welcome Bar Mono. Much more than a bar. A feast for the senses…