Sercotel Pozuelo, calm among the hustle and bustle of Madrid

A Vida Group collaborated in renovating Sercotel Pozuelo, a sensational hotel where you can breathe the purest serenity

Visiting an unknown place is an enriching experience: the novelty, the enthusiasm to discover the unexplored, the admiration of a different culture. In addition, it is as important to fully immerse yourself in the new environment as to find a corner of peace and rest at the end of the day to recharge your batteries and start again.

Sercotel Pozuelo has understood this perfectly: they have addressed the pressing need to create a point of departure and return for those away from home. Located just a few minutes from Madrid, they have created their own space to relax and disconnect when the day ends.

The work in hotels of A Vida Group has been essential for this. Working with the interior design studio MIL Studios, our team has shaped a space where an extensive knowledge of the psychology of colour comes into play in symbiosis with inventive texture creation and an ingenious arrangement of shapes.

Mobiliario de una habitación del hotel Sercotel Pozuelo

Exclusive finishes for a place of retreat

The renovation of this space has made it clear what A Vida is and its hallmarks. These are reflected, for example, in the infinite number of finishes on the hotel’s walls, whose texture and colour are inspired by the sandy beaches of As Pasadas beach in A Mariña Lucense. In fact, the material itself is composed of sand and natural shells, generating a unique play of textures. These cream tones generate a great feeling of spaciousness while bringing tranquillity and serenity to the whole.

Accordingly, our craftsmen have designed versatile skirting boards that hide the seams between wall and floor, generating continuity between the place’s different sensations.

As icing on the cake, all rooms at the hotel are furnished with exclusive furniture manufactured by A Vida Group. Minimalist shapes coexist with rich textures that give the place a unique diversity while maintaining a colour palette adjusted to the needs of the place.

The visual and sensory harmony achieved makes Sercotel Pozuelo the perfect refuge to regain strength.