Bylotte, passion for design

A Vida Group collaborates in the design of Bylotte's latest store, an original boutique of exclusive women's fashion

The what and the how hand in hand. Product and showcase as a tandem to create an authentic and different shopping experience. Identity and exclusivity are the values Bylotte opted for when creating its new boutique, a spectacular space where the public can get to know its women’s fashion creations.

Located in one of the liveliest streets of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the establishment of the Dutch firm responds to the need to convey a unique identity based on modern and cosmopolitan femininity.

To achieve this, Bylotte has relied on A Vida’s retail expertise.Designed by Studio & Space in collaboration with ModernShapes Studio, our team of craftsmen created a space with a high level of craftsmanship, responding to the needs of a brand with a unique personality.

Over 350 square meters of the boutique dress exquisite A Vida coutings. A solid, sober, calm base with a monochromatic palette enhances the product and generates a play of contrasts with the custom-made furniture for the establishment.

The micro-cement cladding takes center stage as large volumes whose shapes reflect the feminine character of Bylotte, an exclusive fashion made by and for women.

In turn, A Vida Group has dedicated time and effort to creating a line of exclusive furniture for the store. Inspired by the shapes, colors, and textures of the iconic 1970s, the vintage-style pieces with the A Vida stamp endow the boutique with versatility and sophistication. They exude pure class.

From this combination is born an establishment with a unique identity. A high-flying modern retro-futurism coexists with the warmth and comfort of a store with a welcoming façade, inviting us to enter and become part of the exclusive Bylotte family.