Barracuda MX, Mexico, in downtown Madrid

A Vida Group collaborates in constructing Barracuda MX, a gastronomic space that encapsulates the breeze of the Mexican Pacific.

There are many fish in the sea. But none is like Barracuda MX. Avant-garde and Mexican tradition converge in Roberto Ruiz‘s latest project: the first Mexican to obtain a Michelin star in Europe.

Luminous. Refreshing. Unique in its kind. Located next to Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid, this maritime-themed restaurant with Aztec roots incorporates the A Vida Group gene in its DNA: the gene of innovation, exclusivity and attention to detail.

In collaboration with Cousi Interiorismo, our expertise has been reflected in this spectacular establishment where cocktails, music and casual cuisine invite us to taste the flavours of the west coast of the Central American country.

Shipwrecked in a sea of delicacies

Barracuda MX is a breathing organism. It is an extraordinary ecosystem where nothing is missing. Organic forms, natural wood finishes, vegetal elements, exclusive decorative pieces, and traditional Mexican motifs coexist. Everything is under a light and attractive colour palette, with a predominance of sandy colours and a counterpoint of turquoise.

Every detail counts. And at A Vida Group, we know what it’s all about. In every corner, we can find exclusive handcrafted elements that dot the environment, providing beautiful notes of shape and colour.

On the walls of the premises, for example, some sconces bear the distinctive A Vida seal: points of light that help create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. To reinforce this concept, evocative lamps in coral tones are distributed, whose sinuous shapes contrast with the primordial geometry of the space, marked by the presence of robust horizontal blocks, wide plinths and semicircular arches.

Like rocks that survive the onslaught of the sea, vigorous ice buckets made by our team of craftsmen stand on either side of each table, giving a bold verticality to the whole place and keeping drinks at the perfect temperature.

This is Barracuda MX, a trip to the most fascinating Mexico in the heart of Madrid…