Hotel Malates, welcome to slow tourism

The work with the furniture and decoration of A Vida Group in the Hotel Malates in Foz has contributed to creating an identity as original as it is cosy

Some places invite you to relax. To relax. To enjoy the little things in life. A view, a conversation in good company, a glass of wine in the bathtub… The spectacular Hotel Malates in Foz is one of them. This is a magnificent example of what good taste and originality can do for today’s hotels.

An establishment that is all about relaxation and well-being. A luxury experience at the foot of the Cantabrian Sea. A project that has connected two ways of understanding the world. That of Hotel Malates and that of A Vida Group.

Values such as sustainability, taste for design and harmony with the planet unite us. And they are very present in every corner of the hotel. The work with the furniture and decoration of A Vida Group has contributed decisively to creating an identity in the Hotel Malates that is as genuine as it is welcoming.

It’s a slow tourism paradise.

Our artisans created unique pieces with our exclusive finishes that enhance many of the qualities of a hotel that is pure luxury.

Room with sea view in Hotel Malates

Hotel Malates or the take it amodiño

Solid cement lamps, a chestnut mural, the spectacular mural and reception desk, the chestnut headboards in many rooms… The creations of A Vida Group run through a hotel worth visiting at any time of the year.

Like the striking backlit exterior signage that can be seen on several of the facades. Or the original numbering created for the rooms. Every detail invites you to enjoy, to let yourself go and live a unique experience.

At Hotel Malates, they have synthesized it with a great fusion: “Take it amodiño“. In other words, relax and enjoy.

In short, it is a hotel with more than charm. A must-visit in the coming Galicia. The one with 360º charms: landscapes, gastronomy, people. Is there any better combination?