Revisiting the Ibizan identity

A Vida Group collaborates with ModernShapes Studio in renovating and decorating a house in Ibiza that drinks from the iconic organic architecture of the island

Is it possible to evolve something that already works? Architecture and construction have always answered this question with a yes. And a resounding one at that. To create is to move, to innovate, and often to respect without renouncing to advance.

In Ibiza, A Vida Group and ModernShapes Studio have collaborated again to make that nervous, restless and risky impulse a reality, making architecture and construction two of the most fascinating disciplines of this era.

The project we executed again with the Dutch studio involved renovating and decorating a house in Ibiza. A building that drinks from the iconic organic architecture of the island but somehow has evolved to create something different. Something better.

The island’s organic shapes, neutral tones and classic materials have been opened in this project to unique pieces. Combinations that surprise both for their originality and their functionality.

The work of the artisans of A Vida Group has focused primarily on the horizontal and vertical walls. The interior and exterior floors (the one on the terrace is a dream), as well as the walls of the living room, bathrooms, bedrooms…

A bet that creates an atmosphere of fluidity and naturalness in the transitions between rooms, flowing from the rooms to the outdoor terrace.

Vista del salón de la casa

Beyond stereotypes

A Vida‘s imprint is omnipresent throughout the house. Our exclusive coverings for this house give it an identity that moves away from Ibizan stereotypes without renouncing the powerful aesthetics that identify the island.

That invitation to hedonism has made Ibiza a global brand.

A Vida’s creations for this home also include a spectacular integrated sofa bench, the bathroom furniture and countertop and the house’s interior doors, as well as those of the bedroom closet and the hallway.

The table leg of the kitchen countertop and the room’s baseboard complete our contribution to a project we are particularly pleased with.