Centro Creciendo, health care that embraces you

A Vida Group collaborates in the construction of the Centro Creciendo in Madrid. The original pediatric clinic surprised visitants with its design and conception

The unforgettable Robin Williams from Patch Adams used to say that «medicines relieve pain, but only love can relieve suffering.» This concept of health, of medical care, goes much further. It takes care of elements that transcend clinical practice. And that is what has made the Centro Creciendo, in Mirasierra Madrid, one of Spain’s most extraordinary health clinics.

A project in which A Vida Group played a leading role. The Centro Creciendo is a pediatric and adult clinic that has broken with the traditional healthcare aesthetics. That calculated coldness often falls into impersonality.

La jirafa de la entrada es ya un icono del Centro Creciendo

The giraffe at the entrance is already an icon of the Centro Creciendo.

Creciendo is the antithesis of this model. Warmth, closeness, attention to every detail… A high level of specialization and professional competence is embraced by a unique space with a surprising aesthetic for patients and their families.

To make the project a reality, our artisans carried out a series of actions that transformed a medical center into an evolved concept. From minute one, the decorative mural in the entrance area warns the visitor that the experience at Creciendo will be profoundly different.

Just a few meters away, an original giraffe, now a clinic icon, shines with its light.


The A Vida teams also left their mark on the counters on the entrance and consultation floors, as well as on the original walls of the elevator and stairs. All of them were created with one of our exclusive wall coverings.

Creciendo is a work that represents another form of avant-garde—one that takes health medical care to another sphere.