Lois Oslo, the magnetism of forms

A Vida Group creates exclusive pieces for the hypnotic Lois showroom in Oslo—an organic, original space in the best tradition of Scandinavian architecture

Architecture and design are reflection and creativity. Control and challenge. A path that lends itself to permanent evolution. Like the one Lois has taken in its Oslo showroom, a visual delight that goes far beyond the traditional store concept.

Located in the heart of the Norwegian capital, to shape the project, the Modernshapes Studio team turned to the disruptive innovation of A Vida Group to transform every corner of the store.

A Vida’s artisans created exclusive pieces with unique coatings to give the Lois showroom in Oslo a genuine aesthetic. Differential.

Each piece is a piece of art. Like the imposing stone display in the center of the store—a stone wall dotted with openings in which the brand’s designs are displayed.

The organic shapes of the piece and the play with the other exclusive creations of A Vida reinforce the powerful identity of the showroom. It is a journey in which the coverings created for each element play a critical role, all designed in neutral tones and with a vocation to fit in.

The puzzle takes shape

The different puzzle pieces are almost articulated inside the Lois store in Oslo.

Thus, the irregular shapes of the displays, tables, stools and chairs made by our artisans guide the transit through the showroom. Each element is integrated into a whole. A whole that is, above all, an experience for the senses.

A sensation also enhanced by the fantastic coat racks that dot the premises. Each was created with a different type of wood and our cementitious coatings. Warmth and neutrality in the same piece.

It’s a fascinating play with materials synthesizing how much the visitor will find in Lois Oslo