Dos Passos, a delight for the palate… and the eyes

A Vida participates in the creation of Dos Passos restaurant in Madrid, a refreshing and original gastronomic proposal

Today’s restaurants fuse containers and content. It creates experiences that allow the visitor to enjoy with all the senses. A journey that Dos Passos restaurant in Madrid has taken care of in detail. We have collaborated very actively since A Vida Group.

An experience like Dos Passos, eclectic, fresh, and suitable for all audiences, requires a presentation to match, wanted to count on the expertise of A Vida to take their gastronomic proposal to another level.

Our wide range of finishes and attention to detail have created an exceptional restaurant on Calle Princesa in Madrid, in the heart of the capital. It combines gastronomy, cocktails, and live music to create an exclusive and original set, seasoned with modern, sophisticated, and universal interiors, in which A Vida has left its imprint.

The work, carried out by Ani Construcciones in collaboration with the interior design studio Dpoch Studio and the Sounds group, revolutionizes and reinvents the fundamental concepts of food for people who do not like to wait, giving prominence to every one of the elements that make up the place.

View of the original entrance of the Dos Passos restaurant

All in one

One of the most remarkable things about this project is the division of the establishment into several differentiated spaces, in which unique atmospheres are breathed, and dishes and drinks from all over the world are tasted.

That is why the versatility of A Vida Group has played a fundamental role in the construction of the establishment since one of the main challenges of its design consisted in creating a multifaceted and diverse space without leaving aside the search for a singular homogeneity.

For the cocktail area, we opted for an urban and casual style, with finishes and coatings in metal, cement and brick, highlighting the presence of an imposing bottle rack of industrial character and a sober bar finished in an elegant black, all with A Vida seal.

As for the dining area, the importance of wickerwork, which brings warmth and comfort to the space, is worth noting. In the same way, the work done with this natural fiber by our team, an exquisite lattice and a suggestive mask, gives the place a contemporary exoticism perfectly related to the multiculturalism of the gastronomy of Dos Passos.

When a restaurant has so much personality and exudes such good taste, it is an absolute pleasure to let yourself go and immerse yourself in its sweetest chaos.