Darvaza: fire, exoticism, experience

A Vida Group Barcelona participates in constructing Darvaza, an exotic and fascinating gastronomic and recreational experience inspired by a crater in Turkmenistan

The gastronomy of the present (and of the future) is a more complex concept. More evolved. Lunch or dinner are no longer necessities but experiences in authentic pleasures for the senses. Darvaza, in Barcelona, is a magnificent example of this new way of understanding cuisine and leisure.

A Vida Group played a very relevant role in constructing this establishment, which is pure exoticism. Darvaza is inspired by a crater that burns at 400º in Turkmenistan. Its name says it all: the gateway to hell.

Darvaza has transformed the land of Mephistopheles into a small visual and hedonistic paradise. The gastronomic proposal orbits around the embers and excellent raw material, but the clients’ experience is transformed from the contact with the aesthetics of the place.

A powerful aesthetic

The project we have executed in collaboration with Dpoch Studio through Instalaciones Sonotec is fire, exoticism, and pure experience. Colors, materials and shapes combine to create a visually powerful space.

A Vida’s artisans have left their mark with pieces that catch the visitor’s attention from minute one. Decorative monoliths in the reception and interior, the floor encapsulation, lamps, sconces, tables, the moldings representing rocks and lava…

An infinite number of pieces contribute to creating a groundbreaking atmosphere. And extremely transversal.

Darvaza is much more than a restaurant with an original gastronomic proposal. It is also a place that transforms when the night comes.

An establishment has an area that gets hotter when the sun goes down. DJ, shows, cocktails… A leisure proposal that is out of the ordinary.

The trip to hell, in Darvaza, is something else…