Imperfect, welcome to La nena 5Vie

La nena, A Vida and Inefable Studio redesign for the third consecutive year the shop located in the 5Vie district of Milan on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2024, the great annual event for architecture and interior design

There is much beauty in nature. In its imperfections. In that crossroads that emerges from the collision between the organic and the inorganic. One of those worlds formed by textures and colors of the rock formations and quarries that dot Lugo, in northwestern Spain, has been this year the source of inspiration for La nena, A Vida and Inefable Studio to completely transform our 5Vie store on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2024, the great annual event of architecture and interior design.

For the third consecutive year, the store and studio located at number 3 Via Santa Marta will completely mutate their image to forge a new identity. Original. Disruptive. Different. Each piece of the store and studio breathes the raw essence of nature, its pure colors, and the beauty that springs from imperfection.

Porous rock, cement, broken finishes, lamps and irregular displays that connect with the episodic wicker columns of the shop window, tables with rabidly organic shapes… A metaphor for nature in its pure state.

The new creation of the La nena, A Vida and Inefable Studio teams sows a seed that runs through the entire establishment—something as if the earth itself had left its mark on each piece of furniture, on each decorative object, in every corner—a seemingly imperfect but coherent aesthetic journey. Nature is like that—aggressive and capricious but, above all, hypnotic. Ours.

This trip to the quarries and rock formations of the Iberian northwest is also full of winks that connect the universe of La nena, A Vida and Inefable Studio with the world temple of design, decoration, and art that is the 5Vie neighborhood, where our Milan establishment is located. It’s a meeting point for creatives, for restless and boiling minds, and one of the most exquisite settings in Fuorisalone.

Roman connection

Details such as the finishings on the chests of drawers in the store. They were created with an imperfect finish, similar to the stone extracted from a quarry, but irremediably alluding to the tesserae of Roman mosaics. They are present in Milan, such as Lugo, where A Vida Group was born, and where you can visit the most carefully preserved Roman Walls of the Iberian Peninsula today.

Or the original chain that surprises visitors in the La nena store area. This chain is a symbol of our brand and has been redesigned this year, as is tradition, to evoke that of a bicycle. A means to climb and breathe in the mountains that have inspired our store this year? Be that as it may, a sustainable, clean means of transport, today an icon of contemporaneity and friendly cities like Milan.

These values connect with the original spirit of A Vida, La nena, Inefable Studio, and the group’s other subsidiaries.

In addition to the new image of the establishment, La nena will take advantage of the Fuorisalone celebration to present the latest cutlery and wine glasses collection. Exclusive creations that project the brand’s essence: design, quality, and personality. 

This year, the Milan International Fair is dedicated to the world of the kitchen, which has led La nena to present an original collection that is, in fact, the prelude to more ambitious projects in this field. At the same time, the store will also present new lines of furniture, candle holders, and candles.

In short, it’s an appointment with the incredible novelties of our world.