80 Grados, design at low temperature

A Vida Group participates in the creation of one of the 80 Grados restaurants in Madrid, the dazzling proposal of Gastronomía XS.

Gastronomy is a practically infinite universe. Every day, new proposals are born that reinvent the recipes of the past. Unique and unrepeatable experiences are created to generate memories. Memory. Therefore, originality and authenticity are the world’s two most sought-after qualities. And 80 Grados carry them by the flag.

The Madrid restaurant’s different and genuine gastronomic proposal needed to inhabit a space at the height of its high standards. For this reason, they have relied on the exquisite work born from the prolific relationship between MIL Studios and our architecture and interior design studio, Inefable Studio. Our close collaboration with the Madrid-based studio has resulted in a perennial alliance, a familiar brand with an eye on the future.

Pieza exclusiva del baño del restaurante 80 Grados

The magic of the little things

A little bit of everything. Taste from there and there. An infinite number of flavors and experiences in a matter of minutes. This is the concept of the mini gastronomy or Gastronomy XS of 80 Grados, which translates into an eclectic and diverse space where every corner has a story to tell.

The place seems impossible as if we were in an Escher engraving. But the best thing is that it exists, and it is accurate. The place configures a dazzling universe, the whole of life, with an endless number of references per square meter that combine everything with everything but coherently and cohesively, inviting surprise and amazement.

The establishment’s imaginary drinks from the most cosmopolitan aesthetics of the 1980s, combining neon, gold and mirrors with suggestive shapes and bold angles. The space is an actual festival of design and aesthetic sense, and A Vida’s stamp has made its mark.

Our exclusive and groundbreaking continuous cladding surrounds the premises, structuring the different rooms that populate the particular world of 80 Grados. Our team’s biggest challenge was to convert the other walls of the premises into a continuum that embraced each room, serving as the basis for the emergence of original visual dynamics that differentiate the different environments.

Within these concentric universes is the furniture of A Vida, unrepeatable creations that exude exclusivity. Combining industry and artisans, our pieces give the place a unique, sophisticated, yet daring aura.

It is an unrepeatable journey for all the senses, an experience cooked at low temperatures.